28 February 2020

GETTING TO KNOW: Wyatt Poindexter | Oklahoma City, OK

It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you all Wyatt Poindexter; Oklahoma City's premier real estate agent with over two decades experience in the business! Having featured a number of Wyatt's luxury listings on my site, it has been great getting to know him on a personal level. He is an intriguing man and I realized that I share more than a few things in common with Wyatt. As you read along, you may find some things that you share in common with him as well. So, without further delay, please enjoy the following Q&A-style interview with Mr. Wyatt Poindexter.

The American Man$ion: Let start with a bit about your background. Where were you born and raised? What local and collegiate schools did you attend?

Wyatt Poindexter: Born and raised in Oklahoma City, OK. I attended Oklahoma Baptist University and Palm Beach Atlantic University.

TAM: When did you begin your career in real estate?

I began my career in 1997.

TAM: What has been your biggest success in your real estate career thus far?

WP: Negotiating and putting together two trades and a sale on three different luxury homes at the same time. 

TAM: What adversities have you faced in life and how did these adversities shape your career in real estate?

WP: Hiring a Realtor to help me for four months while I was recovering from a major surgery. He took advantage of me and my reputation. I learned what to do and what NOT to do when looking for help. Always look for people with honesty and integrity. 

TAM: Yes sir! I believe that honesty and integrity are two of the most important commodities on the road to success. When you establish the two, long-lasting relationships become the products. Are you married? Do you have any children?

WP: Married for 19 years with two children. Our son Cameron is 13 and our daughter Katie  is 10. My wife and I adopted them in 2010 and they are the best blessings we could have ever asked for. 

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The American Mansion by Marcus Langford
The American Mansion by Marcus Langford
The American Mansion by Marcus Langford

TAM:  Your parents. What did they do for a living and was it part of the reason you ended up in real estate?

WP: My father was in real estate and I followed in his footsteps. He was a top producer his first year in the real estate business. That first year he'd go downtown and spend time riding elevators. He figured if he could corner people in an elevator for 30 seconds, he would get their business and he did! He listed 40 homes his first year in real estate. He was an amazing salesman! Sadly my father passed away in February 2018. 

TAM: I know how that feels. When I was reading over your answers, the previous one really hit home because my father passed away February 2013 from a rare and aggressive form of leukemia. He was diagnosed in October 2012 and four months later, he was gone. I miss my dad a lot, as I am sure you do yours.

Have you ever done anything that was out of your comfort zone? If so, how did it affect your life?

WP: Yes! I bothered a luxury home seller until he listed with me. I convinced the seller to list with me and I offered to do it for free. It was the only thing I could think of to get a luxury home listing. I maxed out my credit card (only a $2,500 limit) to market his house. I sold it in seven days to my own buyer. At closing he insisted on paying me 6% commission. That one listing led to over 60 more listings over the next few years. I am so grateful to the seller that took a chance with me on his luxury home. 

TAM: Gotta respect that tenacity, which is what I am sure that seller saw in you. It's hard to turn people away when they are persistent AND have the best intentions. Do you have any hidden talents?

WP: I know how to get backstage at almost any concert LOL!

TAM: Then it's settled! I'm flying out to Oklahoma the next time Phil Collins is out there; I am a fan and always wanted to meet him!

If you were not a successful real estate agent, what other career path would you have chosen?

WP: Computer graphic design or high-end car sales.

TAM: I figured you for a car guy! Some of the homes on your website have had a Porsche, Benz, or Range Rover parked in the driveway.

Let me see. Here's a very random question. Wine or mixed drink?

WP: Mixed! One of my favorites is a Dirty Mexican Pancake drink invented by my friend Clay Chapman. It has Wild Turkey American Honey whiskey, limeaid, cilantro and two jalapenos! 

TAM: Another off topic and random question. What's your favorite food?

WP: Japanese Hibachi!

TAM: I am a big fan of hibachi restaurants. I love the shows that the cooks put on; I've been to a couple that have had me in stitches-pure entertainment! And the food ain't too shabby either.

2808 SPRING CREST CIRCLE, JONES, OK 73049 | 8,335 SQ. FT. | BEDS: 5 BATHS: 5.1 

TAM: What do you consider your greatest accomplishment in life-both personally and professionally?

WP: My relationship with Christ and my family. 

TAM: Amen to that!

What did you spend your first real estate commission check on?

WP: More marketing materials.

TAM: Smart move! You are in good company because a number of other agents that I've asked that same question, had a similar answer! They are either putting money back into their business or squaring up on some bills.

Another off topic random question. If you were going out for lunch, what does favorite casual outfit include?

WP: Jeans and a tee.

TAM: If you had one day left on earth, what would you do with your time?

WP: Spend time with my family at Carlton Landing in Lake Eufaula, OK.

TAM: What are some of the most memorable places that you have traveled to?

WP: U2 concert in Ireland!

TAM: Since you are a car guy, what's more your speed, Ferrari or Lamborghini?

WP: Definitely Ferrari but would choose a Porsche GT3 RS over any car!

TAM: Anyone who knows me, knows that I love Ferrari; I am obsessed with LaFerrari and the 812 Superfast. More than that, I've always found Enzo Ferrari's story to be incredibly inspiring-tragic at times but inspiring nonetheless. 

What is your all-time favorite movie?

WP: I hate to admit this but 'Dumb & Dumber' and 'Wall Street' are a tie!

TAM: Man 'Dumb & Dumber' is a laugh out loud riot! I spent too much time watching that movie as a teenager. And 'Wall Street' is one of the greatest films of all-time. It's easy to see why Michael Douglas won an Oscar for his role as Gordon Gekko. I also like the 2010 sequel.

What are you currently reading or listening to (audio book)?

WP: Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss.

(BTW: These questions and answers were submitted and responded to in October 2019, so I am sure Wyatt has moved on to another book (or audio book))

14701 DALEA DRIVE, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73142 | 11,800 SQ. FT. | BEDS: 5 BATHS: 6.2 

TAM: What's your biggest pet peeve as a real estate agent?

WP: People that are late, having to do something twice, and Zillow's Zestimates!

TAM: Punctuality was a big deal in my household growing up, so all I know how to do is show up early. It is rare that I am late and if I am, it was something out of my control. I hate to be late to anything!

What inspires you? What drives you to be successful?

WP: Creating opportunities and making things happen. My dad always told me that things will never change until you decide to change them.

TAM: Your average day consists of you doing what?

WP: Working with NO distractions. No lunch appointments. No golf. No unnecessary meetings. I focus on listing appointments, marketing and more marketing!

TAM: Is there something that you've done and you told yourself that you'd never do it again?

WP: List friend's homes for reduced commissions. Never again!

TAM: I am with you on that. It is a business and friends should pay you what you are worth. I am sure they do not go to work and expect less than their full pay.

Looking at your life now, what advice would you give to a 21-year-old Wyatt Poindexter?

WP: Tithe and pray always. Be patient and always wait for God's timing.

TAM: What makes you happy in life?

WP: Family, friends, real estate and concerts. Feel free to take a look at Rock 'N' Roll memorabilia company Treasured Rock!

TAM: That is indeed a mighty fine collection you have! I dig that photo of you and Motley Crue 🤘

Any final words that you'd like to share with the readers of The American Man$ion?

WP: Yes, I sure do. You have to put in many years of hard work to market and sell luxury homes. It took me almost 15 years to accomplish this goal. Never give up, be honest, have integrity, treat people fairly and ALWAYS do the right thing regardless of the situation. My father always told me that people will always remember the last name POINDEXTER!

TAM: And there you have it folks. Big "Thank you" again to Wyatt Poindexter for taking the time out of his busy schedule to bless us with these intimate details of his professional and personal life.

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The American Mansion by Marcus Langford
The American Mansion by Marcus Langford
The American Mansion by Marcus Langford
5629 N Classen Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 73118
(405) 315-4896

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